3. Sir Thomas Lipton
Dead Famous…
“Tea Merchant/Grocer/Yachtsman”

Thomas Lipton was born on May 10th
1850 at 10 Crown Street, Gorbals

They all shared a four roomed Glasgow
tenement at 10 Crown Street, Gorbals.
Thomas left school at the age of 10
and soon worked in his first job at a
stationers on Glassford street earning
just "half a crown" for a wage.
Before he was even 15 years old he
had saved enough money for a passage
over to New York and later got a job in
a US department store, learning the
many unique selling methods that
were to allow him to change the way
of shopping in Glasgow when he
returned home in 1869.

Died 2/10/1931
at his home in Osidge, London